11 Reasons Why Tires Should Not Be Allowed To Change Themselves

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11 Reasons Why Tires Should Not Be Allowed To Change Themselves

In the vast majority of cases, tire changes are handled by competent humans or trained professionals. The vehicle is not moving and the tires behave. Unfortunately, every now and then a tire simply decides it’s time to move on. This is almost always a bad idea. Why?

1) They’ll leave you behind

2) Tires do not respect lanes

3) They’d rather chill with their friends

4) Sometimes they’ll pick on someone their own size

5) They don’t understand that “three’s a crowd”

6) Sometimes tires work as a team

7) They do not appreciate the media

8) Like, really don’t appreciate it

9) They’re bad at hailing cabs

10) Their enthusiasm can be misplaced

11) And they are always late for meetings

In all seriousness, an improperly fastened tire is more likely to result in renegade rubber than any of these reasons. A poor tire change is not worth the risk.

“The threaded fasteners that secure the wheels to the chassis are perhaps the most critical components on any vehicle, yet they’re often the most overlooked and under-appreciated.” — autoserviceprofessional.com

If you’re getting your tires changed, make sure it’s being done by someone who knows what they’re doing. RepairMatch will you find a top-rated mechanic in your area for a fixed, fair price.

For more ridiculous loose tire incidents, check out and subscribe to  /r/Tiresaretheenemy on Reddit. Warning: some of the posts contain graphic material.

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