Milestone: 100 GTA auto shops are now on RepairMatch

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Milestone: 100 GTA auto shops are now on RepairMatch

One hundred is a nice number—it traditionally lends itself to celebration and reflection, so here we are! After five months of hustling, visiting shops, calling head offices, onboarding, emailing and coordinating, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to get to this point.

We asked our Co-Founder and Head of Product, Hafiz Kanji, what the biggest challenge and biggest reward was during this journey to 100.

The big challenge: quality versus quantity

“The biggest challenge was finding the right shops to partner with—we want to grow RepairMatch, but we cannot sacrifice quality.”

Since once of RepairMatch’s main promises is “top-rated shops,” we kind of have to make sure that we’re only working with the good ones! Sometimes a shop will sign up or get in touch that does not meet our minimum criteria (e.g. 4-star rating on Google). Sometimes a sales rep will have a poor experience with a shop over the phone. It can be tough to turn these places away and reject their applications when you’re trying to grow a platform!

But we do it, because the rewards are worth it.

The big reward: a better user experience

Hafiz: “now we have a solid partner shop within 5km of 80% of our customer base in the GTA. We’re still working hard to get that number to 100%!”

Besides pricing and trust, convenience is a huge factor when it comes to auto repair. Being able to confidently match people to a local shop that’s not halfway across town makes everyone happier and more likely to use the RepairMatch product. That obviously makes all the effort worth it!

The next 100 and beyond

Once we can get our entire customer base to within 5km of a shop, we’ll begin a push to drop it to something like 3km. At the same time, our eyes are on other parts of Ontario and Canada. Stay tuned!

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