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On or off rims?


On-rims or on-wheels means that the rubber tire stays on the steel wheel, so it’s much faster to swap. Requires you to own two sets of wheels though.



Off-rims or off-wheels means that you take the rubber part of the tire off the steel wheel, then install the correct tires onto the same wheels. This takes longer than on-rims because of the extra step and equipment needed to do this. Upside: you do not need to own two sets of wheels.


What our users are saying

AlbertReplace Cabin Air Filter

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SlevinConventional Oil and Filter Change

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ScottSafety Standard Certificate

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RohitConventional Oil and Filter Change

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BenSynthetic Oil and Filter Change

“The best part is I got to the mechanic’s and there was no hassle about name, make, model, it was just like, “we’ve got you.” They had it all ready. It was as if I had been there 100 times.”

HumaanSafety Standard Certificate

“Safety Standard Certificate and tire change was done professionally, generally satisfied by professional and good service.”

Don’t put off your tire change!

Keeping the magic number seven in mind is a good rule to follow. Change to winter tires as temperatures dip below 7°C and swap back to all-seasons when things warm up above 7°C in the spring.